The players didn't follow my game-plan. We may be more experienced but we didn't manage to hold onto the lead. I'm disappointed because the only reason we won was luck. I'm going to have a serious talk with my players to set things straight. Eric Cantona, France coach

For an opening match, we put in a really good performance and this will give us confidence for the rest of the tournament. We were a little nervous to begin with, but things improved as we went on. I knew that France would suffer from the heat more than us and that this would help us in the third period. As you can see, we're not just here to take part - we want to win! Marcelo Mendes, United Arab Emirates coach

My individual performance isn't the important thing, it's how the team played, and we weren't very good. It wasn't much of a display, but we did what we had to - we won. Didier Samoun, France player

We played very well, particularly in the second period against a very good team, but we went down in the dying seconds. We need to learn how to keep hold of the ball and calm things down - France did that very well. The way we played today though, we felt like we'd won! Haidar Bashir, United Arab Emirates player