It was very tight at the start but we stayed calm. Unlike the game with Nigeria, we didn't get anxious about scoring early goals this time. I'm very happy with how the team performed and I hope we can play just as well against France.
Francisco Petrasso, Argentina coach

We lacked lots of things: experience and a cool head for a start, and we could also have done with some heat today against Argentina. We're not used to playing in this type of weather or on wet sand for that matter, and that made it hard for us. Unfortunately we couldn't match the performance we put in against France, particularly in defence.
Marcelo Mendes, United Arab Emirates coach

It was an extremely hard game, but the things that didn't work for us against Nigeria went our way today. We were tighter at the back and kept our concentration up.
Federico Hilaire, Argentinaplayer

I think we played better than we thought, but we lack experience. We've got a lot to learn, and I'm sure we'll do better in our next world cup. Although we might have lost two games, we've thoroughly enjoyed being here. It's been great for the team and for our country.
Bakhit Alabadla, United Arab Emirates player