Kelechi Emetole,Nigeriacoach
Thank goodness I don't suffer from heart problems! I would never have imagined that this could happen. If we'd have scored the penalty when it was 3-1, the match would have been all over. We made a few mistakes towards the end of the match and the French took advantage of them to draw level, but we managed to come out on top against a really strong team who are tough to beat. I was delighted with what I saw today.

Eric Cantona,Francecoach
This match proves that beach soccer has come a long way since 2005. We had a lot of chances but we didn't have the luck and we were up against a great keeper. We will have to improve in front of goal. And now, we know what we have to do against Argentina.

Uga Okpara,Nigeriaplayer
It's a dream come true to score two goals against France. We thought that we had it all sewn up at 3-1 in the last minute, but they managed to come back. To make sure this doesn't happen again in the future, we'll have to keep our concentration right up to the last second. Now we're looking to win our final group match and make sure we finish in first.

Stephane Francois,Franceplayer
This tournament proves that there are no small teams any more. We were expecting a difficult match and that's what we got. Up front, we weren't much good in the first two periods and when it came down to penalties, there's always an element of luck - and luck wasn't on our side today.