We played the same way we did against Uruguay but today (Roberto) Pasquali made all the difference. He was absolutely perfect, particularly from free kicks. We played very well in the third period and that's where we made the difference. We hope to go as far in the competition as possible and give a good image of Italian beach soccer. It's my 60th birthday today and this win is the best present that my players could have given me.
Giancarlo Magrini, Italy coach

We started off well but we still haven't managed to solve our problems in defence from the first match. I told my players to concentrate on every ball but either they weren't listening or they didn't manage to follow my advice, and that gave the Italians a lot of space to work in. I'm disappointed that we've been knocked out, and I think that my players didn't know how to handle the pressure of a World Cup.
Nenem, Japan coach

When they scored their third goal, I was worried that what happened against Uruguay was going to happen all over again, but we managed to knuckle down and get back into the lead. For my fourth goal, I knew that the keeper wasn't very tall so I hit it as high as possible. It was part luck, part skill. I'm delighted to be among the tournament's top scorers.
Roberto Pasquali, Italy player

We never thought that we would be knocked out this early, because in our two defeats, we didn't really think that there was that much of a difference between our level of play and that of our opponents. We just lost concentration at times. We'll keep fighting right to the end though, to try to get a win in the tournament.
Teruki Tabata, Japan player