My men played a beautiful game today. Uruguay are a very tough side, both technically and tactically, but we managed to achieve this victory thanks to the fighting spirit the team showed. This is this first time we have taken part and I couldn't be happier at the fact that we have already qualified for the quarter-finals.
Diop Amadou, Senegal coach

When you're playing against such a tall team you have to mark very tightly, and we didn't do that today. We had our chances to score but we didn't make the most of them. Sadly, we had to go two goals down again before we started playing, but this time we couldn't turn it around.
Venancio Ramos, Uruguay coach

I'm crying with happiness because this is the first time we have ever played in a world cup, we have qualified a game early and I've already scored five goals. Even so, we'll still be going for a win [in the last game] because it will be very important for the team's morale.
Pape Koukpaki, Senegal player

We knew it was going to be a difficult match and so it proved. We didn't keep our heads in the final period, which proved to be the decisive one. Senegal took their opportunities really well and the African teams have come on a lot. If they keep on improving their technique, they will be very difficult to beat. We need to pick ourselves up now and try and make sure we qualify against Japan.
Ricar, Uruguay player