Marco Octavio, Iran coach
We had a good tournament and we showed we're heading in the right direction. I've got a very competitive team that played well against some top-class sides, and we came close to beating them all. If we can carry on the good work, I'm sure we'll get the right results in the future. This win is the best possible way to say goodbye to the competition.

Joaquin, Spain coach
We put some of the reserve players out because they needed time out on the pitch, and that in itself is important. I'm happy with the squad I've got here, but if we want to be champions we can only lose one game, and that was this one.

Moslem Mesigar, Iran player
We took on some big teams and put in some excellent performances, which shows that Iran has a lot of potential in this sport. I'm delighted with how we played today, as we managed to stay very motivated despite already being eliminated. Before we came to Rio we promised ourselves we would do our very best, and we're happy to have done just that. All the same, we are a little sad because it wasn't enough for us to go through.

Javier Torres, Spain player
I'm very excited about playing with my twin brother Cristian and that we both managed to score. I think we lacked a bit of energy in the last period but the idea was to get some minutes under our belts. If we can play like we did against Portugal, we should go far in this World Cup.