Jose Mateus,Portugalcoach
I'm disappointed, despite the fact that we qualified. We started off well but then we got back into old habits and made the same mistakes as in the previous matches. And they took advantage of that. We're not used to winning in the last second. I hope the fact we came so close to going out will serve as a wake-up call, because we can't afford to play this badly again.

Roberto Ceciliano,USAcoach
We didn't lose this match in the last second, we lost it in the first few minutes. We weren't concentrating and that cost us two goals. We dominated the last two periods without quite being able to score enough goals.

Words can't describe how you feel when you score the goal that puts you through in the last second. I would have preferred it if it hadn't come to that, though. We should have played better and saved ourselves the panic.

Jevin Albuquerque,USAplayer
I'll never forget the last second of this match. It's so cruel and I don't think we deserved to lose like that. We proved that we're worthy of playing alongside the best teams in the world.