BRA-SOL: post-match quotes
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Alexandre Soares, Brazil coach
It was a good result but the performance wasn't entirely convincing. We've got to be tighter at the back and quicker up front because Mexico are a tactically disciplined team. That said, they'll be tired from the Russia match and we'll be looking to capitalise on that.

Buru, Brazil
People want goals and lots of tricks but we have to focus on winning, which is what really matters. We'll need to defend better against Mexico and make the most of the chances we create. That's why I think we need to move the ball around less and shoot more.

Terrance Van Dillen, Solomon Islands coach
The pressure of the occasion got to my players at the start, what with all the support for Brazil and everything. It's a very different atmosphere to what we're used to and it affected us. We didn't play well defensively. Our marking was too slack.

James Naka, Solomon Islands
We expected a tough match and that's exactly what we got. You only have to look at the result. Technically they are superb and we knew that, but they were physically stronger than us too.