Alexandre Soares, Brazil coach
For me, Russia were one of the favourites at this tournament. We knew that it would be tough since they absolutely had to win to make sure of qualifying. They are a very strong team, maybe the most solid in the competition, but we never let up for one moment. As of now, we have three finals to play - and to win.

Nikolai Pisarev, Russia coach
We were unlucky. When we were up 2-1, we made a mistake that allowed Brazil to equalise, and that changed the game. This was our best match in the tournament. We played highly motivated because we know the chance of advance was in our hands. Now, if Solomon Islands defeats Mexico we will try our best in the quarter-final. If not, we will go back home with the certainty that we tried our best.

Mao, Brazil goalkeeper
The level of beach soccer has really improved and Brazil are still the team to beat, meaning that each match is getting more and more difficult to win. The crowd has to understand that winning by a big margin is a thing of the past. We need them to keep on supporting us like they did today to spur us on to win.

Andrey Bukhlitskiy, Russia goalkeeper
We knew that it would be a really tough match against the best team in the world. Our team is strong too, but unfortunately we didn't manage to put away the many chances we had today. We showed that any anything is possible in beach soccer, so now we're hoping that Solomon Islands will beat Mexico.

Dmitry Shishin, Russia player
We played very well and followed our coach's advice, particularly in defence. On a personal level, I'm delighted to have scored twice against a big team like Brazil, especially as this is our first ever world cup.