Princesses of the Prado

Beach soccer and beautiful girls have walked hand in hand since the inauguration of the discipline, and built up a relationship that has evolved into an everlasting love story. Be it cheering on the stands or lighting up the intermissions with their routines, the gorgeous entertainers are an important part of the sport's exhilarating ambience. Besides the display of bicycle kicks and flying headers exectued by the players, the girls perform a crucial role in making beach soccer one of the fastest-growing spectator sports.

Over the past week at the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the Marseille crowd has been thrilled by the rhythmic twists and twirls of the octet, who flew in from the Canary Islands. "Until now, our beach soccer experience has been amazing, we've been enjoying this event from the very first minute we stepped on to the sand pitch", explained 24-year-old Yamiley, team manager of the 'Beach Babes'.

It's wonderful the way the crowd responds to whatever move we make. It makes our job a whole lot easier
Yamiley, the team manager of the Beach Babes, enjoys the rapport the girls have struck up with the Marseille crowd.

"Most of us aren't really used to performing in front of big crowds. We did a couple of beach volley events in the past, but there the stands stay empty until the finals. Here in Marseille it's a full house every day. ."

Yamiley is, along with her fellow group members, still a student. She recently graduated as an interpreter, and has the ambition to become a journalist. "All of us love to dance but have other priorities in life. We're still in school so we don't really have the opportunity to go anywhere for a long period of time if we want to make it through the year. Some of the girls have big plans for careers as a nurse or a doctor, so don't let our shaking fool you. There's more to us than just our Beach Babe side."

Becoming a Beach Babe is not easy. The girls go through casting to make the squad, which affords them the opportunity to accomplish a dream of spending their spare time performing in front of big audiences and countless more watching on television. What are the requirements? Looks, attitude and a barrel full of spectacular dance moves, just enough to make one beg for more.

From the quarter-finals onwards, and for the first time in the history of the sport, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup will showcase 16 girls entertaining the multi-national crowd on Prado beach. The Dream Cheers, eight Barcelona-based beauties, join Yamiley and Co to double the action in between periods and increase the heartbeats of millions of beach soccer fanatics - predominantly male - across the globe.