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Match 17 Marseille - Stade du Prado
21 July
5:4 a.e.t. (3:0, 0:3, 1:1, 1:0)
  • BELCHIOR (5'51", 8'15", 37'44")
  • ALAN (7'40")
  • MADJER (31'10")
  • Massimiliano ESPOSITO (17'45" PEN)
  • Diego MARADONA JR (21'29")
  • Giuseppe SORIA (23'39" PEN)
  • Giuseppe PLATANIA (27'34")

Referee Juan LOPEZ LOPEZ (ESP)


Belchior bags top spot for Portugal

Belchior bags top spot for Portugal

Portugal survived a handsome comeback to beat Italy 5-4 after extra time and qualify for the quarter-finals as Group B winners. The game got off to a fast start with Italy's Massimiliano Esposito attempting to lob Rodrigues with an overhead-kick, before Portuguese ace Alan went close with a bicycle-kick of his own following a neat one-two with Madjer. Then Belchior took centre stage. ...



Ze Miguel MATEUS (POR)
(ITA) Giancarlo MAGRINI
  • Referee: LOPEZ LOPEZ Juan (ESP)
  • Second referee: IVANOV Petro (UKR)
  • Third referee: BORISEVICS Eduards (LVA)
  • Timekeeper: AGUIRREGARAY Carlos (URU)
  • Misses next match if booked


  • Portugal's Madjer competes against Italy's goalkeeper Germano Fabro in their group-phase...
  • Massimiliano Esposito of Italy view with Portugal's Beirao Sousa
  • Portugal and Italy pose before their group-phase match at Marseille 2008
  • Belchior celebrates a goal for Portugal against Italy
  • Portugal's Beirao Sousa vies with Italy's Massimiliano Esposito
  • Portugal's Tiago competes against Italy's Diego Maradona Jr in their group-phase match at Marseille 2008
  • Portugal's Bilro competes against Italy's Giuseppe Soria in their group-phase match at Marseille 2008
  • Portugal's Belchior view with Italy's Giuseppe Condorelli
  • Portugal's Belchior view with Michele Leghissa of Italy


"We made a lot of individual mistakes in the second period. This won't happen in the quarter-finals because we will work to put this right. We fought hard to get the win. I've no preference who we play next - we will just try to beat every team in front of us to win the title," Ze Miguel, Portugal coach.

"It was a very difficult game. Portugal are the best team in Europe with quality player like Madjer and Belchior. Because we are the world champions at football, our fans expect us to become the world champions at beach soccer, so there's a lot of pressure on us. But that is our objective, to win the title," Diego Maradona Jr, Italy player.

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