Senegal-Italy: Quotes
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Massimiliano Esposito, Italy coach
Another breathtaking match but one which we dominated. Unfortunately we ran out of steam a bit in the last period, which is normal, but our response in the final minutes was spot-on, and that goes for everyone. In beach soccer a one-goal advantage doesn’t mean a thing, even if in the closing minutes they never really had us worried. I’m pleased because we’re growing. Now we have to recover because we’re in for a hard match against Switzerland."

Amadou Diop, Senegal coach
I’m very satisfied by the game we played despite the defeat. I reckon it was the best match of the tournament (so far), I hope Italy qualify and I hope we do too. We didn’t manage to start off strongly like we did against Switzerland, but every match tells its own tale. Today we suffered in the first two periods, then almost snatched victory right at the end. Now we’re thinking ahead to Iran."