Switzerland-Senegal: Quotes
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Angelo Schirinzi, Swiss coach
We made a terrible start to the game. We knew they played a lot of long balls and that’s just what they did, but we couldn’t counter their aerial threat. We got into the game too late, though we still managed to pull level. All the same, it was hugely disappointing to end up losing on penalties.

Amadou Diop, Senegal coach
I’m not surprised we won this game, because that’s what we set out to do. We knew we could do it, just as we know we can win all our matches. It’s a shame that we took our foot off the accelerator after making such a good start, and let them tie the game. We made the mistake of thinking that the match was already won. That said, we can’t let this win go to our heads because we’re still a small team and we know that we still have an awful lot to learn if we want to go far.