El Salvador-Argentina: Quotes
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Rudis Gonzalez, El Salvador coach
A historic result! We’re a motivated and are a close-knit group. I’m very proud of every single member of my squad. This is a glorious success for all the people of El Salvador. I thank the Federation, which has allowed us to work to the best of our ability. Just like in 2008 we’ll face Italy, but it will be a whole different story because we’re playing in their own backyard and the spectators will give them a tremendous boost. For us, just to have come this far is an incredible joy, whatever happens next is a bonus."

Hector Petrasso, Argentina coach
We didn’t play well. The match was a tough one for both teams. We missed some absolute sitters, with only the keeper to beat. We haven’t lost heart, we remain calm for the future. We have to continue working hard because we had six new players here in Italy, and I expect us to grow stronger in the future."