Portugal-Argentina: Quotes
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Ze Miguel Mateus, Portugal coach
We’ve made an excellent start to this World Cup. Today’s opponents were very strong, but we managed to contain them well. Not conceding a goal is very important. As far as Madjer is concerned, and I’m speaking frankly here, in my view he’s the best finisher in the world. But perhaps his greatest quality is being able to adapt to whoever his team-mates are. What's more, they also deserve credit because they’re able to put him into the clearest of goalscoring positions. We’ll now turn our focus on to the match against Oman."

Hector Petrasso, Argentina coach
The difference between the two sides today was that Portugal took their chances while we didn’t. We’ve proven that we’ve got a good team spirit and plenty of determination. We still believe in our chances because we’ve got another match left, against El Salvador. That’ll be very tough and also decisive."