Experienced trio triumph again
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Any hopes Switzerland had of emulating their young compatriots' triumph in the FIFA U-17 World Cup final a week ago were extinguished by the mighty Brazil, who won their fourth consecutive title on Jumeirah Beach.

A trio of Brazilians made up of coach Alexandre Soares, captain Benjamin and the team’s top scorer Buru were pivotal in leading the team to victory. The three were taking part in their fourth consecutive final and together with the rest of the squad succeeded in underlining Brazil's total domination of the beach version of the beautiful game.

Soares was again the brains behind the team, maneuvering his players to great effect. Benjamin won the adidas Bronze Ball and performed his duties as captain in exemplary fashion. As for Buru, he was as lethal as ever, firing eight goals and picking up the adidas Bronze Shoe for his efforts.

Shortly after the final whistle, FIFA.com took the distinguished trio aside and attempted to discover the secret behind Brazil’s domination of the game.

Alexandre, Benjamin and Buru, what does it mean to you to be champions for the fourth time?
Soares: It’s unbelievable. Winning the title is no easy matter. We’ve progressed step by step throughout the tournament and had a number of difficult games. The hardest were the quarter-final against Italy and the final against Switzerland.

Benjamin: It’s wonderful! I have to thank the whole squad for what they’ve achieved, whether in training or during games. There is a wonderful spirit and a great love amongst the players. Every title has its own special feeling and we dedicate this one to the people of Brazil.

Buru: I’m very happy. It’s difficult to explain, words can’t describe the emotion. We were longing for the title this time and winning it is a dream again. To be honest I can’t describe my feelings at the moment.

Alexandre, What is the secret behind the team’s supremacy at this event?
Soares: I'm the secret of course (laughing). No, really, it's all down to the hard work put in by the whole squad. Every player trains hard and puts in a lot of effort. Any team that can maintain that level of commitment can become champions.

Is it impossible to beat Brazil? If you were the coach of another team how could you beat today’s winners?
Soares: No, it’s not impossible, but it’s very difficult. If the other team worked hard they would have a chance. As I said it’s not impossible. If I was the coach of another team, I would put as much pressure on them as possible and use the space the team leaves behind them, but it’s not easy.

Benjamin and Buru, will we see you again in 2011?
Benjamin: I can’t answer that now. There’s two years to go until the next tournament. I may be able to play if I am fit and well, as I’d like to take part in another triumph. I hope we have the same squad in 2011 so we can win another title.

Buru: I am fit at the moment and, if I continue to work and train hard, then I’ll be able to continue playing. I’d like to play for the team again and win a fifth title.

Benjamin and Buru, would each of you describe the other in a few words, as you have lifted the trophy together four times?
Benjamin: Buru is a superb person. He has a brilliant personality and is a fine leader on the pitch. He helps us a lot both on and off the pitch.

Buru: It’s very hard to talk about Benjamin. He is a fantastic person and a great captain for us. He also has a great charisma and a good relationship with all the players.