Stankovic, Mao take top honours
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With yet another exceptional campaign behind them, Brazil return home with the most coveted prize in beach soccer once more. They will also take pride in the fact that their legendary side was well-represented in terms of individual honours, joining Switzerland’s devastating Dejan Stankovic on the podium. has all the details.

adidas Golden, Silver and Bronze Balls
adidas Golden Ball: Dejan Stankovic (SUI)
adidas Silver Ball: Madjer (POR)
adidas Bronze Ball: Benjamin (BRA)

The adidas Golden Ball award is presented to the best player at Dubai 2009, as determined by accredited members of the media, while those players who earn the second and third most votes receive the adidas Silver Ball and adidas Bronze Ball respectively.

Dejan Stankovic made an indelible impression on all those who observed his dominance in the air and seemingly insatiable appetite for goals. But his contribution did not stop there. His hard-charging style inspired his Swiss team-mates to push themselves to their limits.

Madjer led Portugal through a challenging campaign, not only by scoring goals, but also by bringing an energy and confidence to his side that could have only inspired them. His leadership in the match for third place left little doubt that his days of glory are far from over.

Benjamin’s energetic performances kept Brazil pressing even in situations where their lead was already substantial. His impact is best reflected by his even contribution of goals and assists, and the fact that he notched the most assists of the tournament.

adidas Golden, Silver and Bronze Shoes
adidas Golden Shoe: Dejan Stankovic (SUI)
adidas Silver Shoe: Madjer (POR)
adidas Bronze Shoe: Buru (BRA)

The leading goalscorer at Dubai 2009 is awarded the adidas Golden Shoe, while the second and third highest goalscorers receive the adidas Silver Shoe and adidas Bronze Shoe respectively. Three-time adidas Golden Shoe winner Madjer struck 21 goals in 2006, still a tournament record, but was compelled to yield the top honour this year.

Dejan Stankovic simply delighted the supporters on Jumeirah Beach, twice scoring four goals in a match. His impressive output of 16 goals exceeded that of anyone else at Dubai 2009; that his picture-perfect overhead kicks were anything but routine was simply icing on the cake.

Madjer began brightly with a hat-trick in Portugal’s initial match against United Arab Emirates. His two-second goal against Solomon Islands was equal to the tournament’s best. And his five-goal flurry in the match for third place was simply a sight to behold.

Buru proved, as ever, a solid contributor to the Brazilian cause. His balanced goal and assist figures only partially reflect his value on the pitch, though. His inspiring play and spirit helped the legends of beach soccer turn in yet another stellar performance. And his two-second goal against Bahrain was equal to the tournament’s best.

adidas Golden Glove
The adidas Golden Glove is awarded to the best goalkeeper of the tournament, as determined by the FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG). At Dubai 2009, the performance of Brazil’s Mao, who frustrated opponent after opponent, was adjudged to be second to none.

FIFA Fair Play award
The FIFA Fair Play award recognises the team with the best record of sportsmanship, as assessed by TSG during each match according to specific criteria. In recognition of their exceptional – and identical - scores, the FIFA Fair Play award for Dubai 2009 was bestowed upon both Japan or Russia, each previous recipients. The award includes USD 10,000 worth of equipment to aid beach soccer development efforts.