Valcke: Beach soccer on the move
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On the eve of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Dubai 2009 final, Ricardo Teixeira, Chairman of the FIFA Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee; Jérôme Valcke, FIFA General Secretary; Joan Cusco, Member of the FIFA Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee; Salah Tahlak, LOC Tournament Director; and Dr. Khalid Al Zahed, Deputy Tournament Director held a press conference at the stadium on Jumeirah Beach.

Ricardo Teixeira, Chairman of the FIFA Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee
On the organization of Dubai 2009
It is a pleasure for me to be here. Thank you for the organization of this event. It has been excellent so far and I’m sure it will stay like this until the end of the tournament.

Jérôme Valcke, FIFA General Secretary
On perceptions regarding Dubai 2009
This is the fifth time that this tournament has taken place under the FIFA umbrella, three times in Brazil, then to France and now here in Dubai. Congratulations to the LOC, to Salah Tahlak and Dr. Khalid Al Zahed for your work. It is amazing what we’re seeing, as interest around the world in beach soccer continues to grow. What has happened here is important for the growth of the sport.

I also want to say well done to the public. It is amazing to see all of the people in the stadium. The LOC has done a great job with such things as the waterbus in order to make it easy for people to fill the stadium, which is what helps to create a nice atmosphere.

On the recent death of United Arab Emirates footballer Salem Saad
When Salem Saad died, it was very tragic. FIFA is working hard (in the interest of players health). The recent FIFA Medical Conference is representative of our efforts to work very hard to protect players; there is no football without them.

On future editions of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup
There is no FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup for two years. It is our hope that tournaments at the confederation level will happen in the interim. So 2011 is next, and then 2013. The rationale behind this decision is related to the confederations. They will be working on local tournaments, continental competitions.

Our interest is to not hinder these efforts by having a FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup every year. This (new schedule) provides a chance for confederations to organise their own tournaments, to develop the sport, because it is important. This was a mutual decision made in co-operation with the confederations.

Salah Tahlak, LOC Tournament Director
On the recent death of United Arab Emirates footballer Salem Saad
I would also like to express condolences for Salem Saad. May God bless him.

On the success of Dubai 2009
I am very pleased to have Ricardo Teixeira and Jérôme Valcke here. This gives us a solidarity and (reflects) the importance of the (FIFA) World Cup in this part of the world. I am very proud of our LOC. That the stadium was full last night and there were still 700 people outside wanting to get in shows that this has been a great event and that the organizing committee here have done a great job. We want more and more, and here in Dubai, we can make it happen.

On issues confronted by the organisers of Dubai 2009
The main challenge from the beginning was (determining how we would attract a large) crowd. We did it yesterday, so in the end it wasn’t a problem. But it was definitely something we had to deal with, and we’ve done it.