Uruguay grab top slot
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United Arab Emirates and Uruguay were both in the running to qualify for the quarter-finals as they squared off tonight. And each arrived in upbeat mood, having earned their first points at Dubai 2009 one day prior. Only one would be able to sustain the momentum, however, and tensions were high as the sides began to trade shots.

Ricar was granted a direct-kick early on and took full advantage, sending a low rocket into the corner. Goalkeeper Abbas Hussain did well minutes later to intercept a low cross, as the vocal supporters of both teams kept up their steady din.

Karim Albalooshi was creating chances on the left, as both sides settled in for a battle. Pampero rose high to send his overhead kick into the net, despite close attention from his marker. UAE captain Bakhit Alabadla tried to make his presence felt, first sending a looping pass that almost yielded a goal and then sending on goalward himself. But the hosts just could not find a way through, while Ricar added another for good measure.

Uruguay have qualified for the quarter-finals of Dubai 2009 on top of Group A and will face Spain, while courageous UAE must accept that their bid for glory on Jumeirah Beach has come to an end.