Italy-Russia: Quotes
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Anton Shkarin, Russian player
Our only objective now is to reach the final. We found it hard to score past Italy. We made a lot of chances, but we didn't have much luck until late on.

Pasquale Carotenuto, Italy player
Russia are a very good team, but that shouldn't take anything away from our performance. We wanted to finish top of the group, but it wasn't to be. Tomorrow we've got a match which is vital if we're to reach the quarters. I don't think we need to change anything about our game. Today we just lacked a bit of luck in front of goal. We need to keep the same attitude.

Nikolai Pisarev, Russia coach
We had so many chances today, more than 30 shots at goal, that it felt a bit ridiculous that we couldn't score. In the end, though, I'm happy because the most attacking team won the game. We're through, though not in first place yet. Tomorrow we'll take on Argentina with first place in the group at stake. We must keep playing attacking football and always stay true to our style.