Brazil-Switzerland: Quotes

Stephan Meier, Switzerland player
This tournament has been a marvellous experience, but I’ve got mixed feelings right now. I’m disappointed we didn’t put up a better fight in the final and that we lost, and at the same time I’m satisfied we got this far and that we faced Brazil in the final. There’s no doubt that Brazil are the best, but we never gave up because we wanted to put up a good fight. I shaved my head because I’d promised to do that if we got to the final. Now I’ve got another two years to let it grow back.

Mao, Brazil goalkeeper
It’s fantastic. Winning the trophy for the fourth time is no mean feat and we’ve made history in the sport now. I didn’t expect things to go so well for us at the start of the final because Switzerland are a great side. But more than anything else, we won because of our strength. We are a very powerful team with some great athletes. I’m very happy with the individual award, which is very special for me. But, at the same time, I’m very fortunate to be part of this team.