Portugal-Uruguay: Quotes
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Ricar, Uruguay captain
The tournament was a valuable experience for us, but it was a bit difficult because we found it to be very hot. Of course we trained for that, but that was our feeling. But we are very happy to have finished among the last four. When we lost in the semi-finals, we were naturally disappointed. We fought well today, but Portugal were excellent. We knew that we would need to mark them well and, unfortunately, we were not able to do that tonight.

Alan, Portugal player
We are very pleased to have earned third place. We had high expectations and always work to score a lot. The big difference today was merely that we were able to score today. If we had been able to do so in our previous match against Brazil, everything would have been different. Our goal is to be the champion in the future. This competition was very, very good - one of the best ever, for sure.