Switzerland-Uruguay: Quotes

Stephan Meier, Switzerland player
We’ve achieved a dream. We need to continue to play like this so we can win the final and become champions. It was a brilliant match for us to win, I can hardly believe it. We’ve reached the final and we must continue in the same way. Brazil are a very good team. They have some superb players, but we’re like one big family. Our morale is high and that’s what will help us to win. Brazil have beaten us once already in the group stage and I’m certain we won’t lose twice.

Martin, Uruguay captain
We’d studied Switzerland’s game and we tried to amend our style to deal with them. We knew that Stankovic was the main threat, but we failed to stop him. We’ve come up against a number of top class strikers such as Amarelle, but Stankovic is confident and in form. Today wasn’t our day, but looking to the Portugal match, it’s a game we must win as we want to go home now with the third place medal.