Bahrain-Brazil: Quotes

Buru, Brazil player
I'm delighted that we've qualified, because that was our main objective. On a personal note, it was a marvellous day. Now we want to finish top of the group, but we know that the match against Switzerland will be tough. They're a very strong side who have deserved to qualify for a World Cup for a while. They've got [Dejan] Stankovic, who is an excellent attacker, as well as a very quick player in [Angelo] Schirinzi. They're a very skilful team.   

Yaqoob Nesuf, Bahrain captain
The first period is where we lost the match, as Brazil ended it four goals ahead. In the second, they only scored one, through a penalty. We started very slowly, which is why we lost, because later in the game we played much better. Although we can no longer progress, we'll do our best to improve our performance and beat the Nigerians.

Daniel Souza, Brazil player
We're very happy to have qualified. We'll go into the match against Switzerland safe in the knowledge that we're through, but also aware that we have a very hard game ahead if we want to top the group. And there are always things that can be improved upon, like shooting, finishing, marking, etc.