Russia-Costa Rica: Quotes

Anton Shkarin, Russia
We were not expecting any particular result, we were just expecting to win and we did. In the coming days, our only concern will be psychological factors. If we are fine in that regard, we will win. The only teams that could cause trouble for us would be either Brazil or ourselves, so we will do our best to maintain the right mindset.

On scoring a fine overhead goal a day after his birthday
We practised a lot and I got a lot of support from my team. They told me that I would score today and, happily, they were right.

Jose Calvo, Costa Rica
The Russians play very well and definitely created a very tight game. They did not let us play our game. We also had a bit of bad luck because we had chances, but did not score. Russia did score when they had chances, so everything was very happy for them.

The next thing we have to do is go into our next match with the conviction that we can win. This is our first time in a World Cup, so nerves were a factor at times. It affected some of our players. But we have to go for more in our next matches as we want to go to the quarter-finals.