Spain-Côte d’Ivoire: Quotes

Amarelle, Spain captain
It wasn’t a very good game as far as we’re concerned. So far we’ve not been able to find our form and aren’t playing at the desired level. We’ve not been able to score many goals, although we did create a lot of chances today. We’ve spoken together about this, but we’ve not come up with an answer. We’ve qualified for the quarter-finals, but we need to improve our performances from now on and find a way to score more goals. My injury is with my Achilles heel, which is still bothering me. Unfortunately, the doctors haven’t been able to find a solution yet.

Ludovic Ehounou, Côte d’Ivoire striker
We came here to learn and we got a lot out of the matches we’ve played. We deserve better to be honest, but we didn’t have luck on our side. The best thing about this event for us is that we gained some experience. All our players play professional football and they don’t have the opportunity to train at beach soccer, which is why we couldn’t get better results.