UAE-Portugal: Quotes
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Bakhit Alabadla, UAE
We had a good game. Experience played a big role in the game as we are amateurs while Portugal players are professionals and their experience told at the end. We tried our best to outshine them and we managed to do so (at the beginning), but the mistakes that we made gave them the win tonight. I believed that this game would be the easiest for us, but, at the end of the night, we lost.

It was really important for us to win tonight, especially with the presence of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamad, but we were not lucky and I hope that we can win in the next game and pay back our fans and everyone who supported us today. Solomon Islands are a strong team and we saw their game against Uruguay today and how they managed to win. We will try our best to work and get good results in the next games.

Ze Maria, Portugal
We are very strong mentally and always play the full game. We play for the full 36 minutes every time. So despite being behind in this match, we were always confident that we were going to win this game.