Portugal-Solomon Islands: Quotes
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Madjer, Portugal player
I’d like to congratulate my team-mates for a great game today. We’re relieved to be heading into the second phase of the competition. This is how Portugal plays. Last year was a different competition; we had won each of our three initial games. But we know that Italy was able to go all the way to the finals in 2008, despite having lost one group stage game. We are ready to face anyone; if you want to be a world champion, you have to be ready for all teams.

Gibson Hosea, Solomon Islands player
Playing Portugal today was my favourite moment of the tournament. This was my first time playing against them and it was always something that I looked forward to doing. We have got to work on our defense. We can put things together up front, but one thing we need to improve is our defending. Solomon Islands has a bright future in beach soccer. We have a lot a new players that will keep making us stronger.