wants to bring together football fans from all over the world - and judging by responses from our users, they want the same.

We now have thousands of registered members in almost 200 countries playing fantasy football, making predictions, discussing football news and participating in the FIFA Interactive World Cup.  

However, in order to provide users with a more interactive experience, we have decided to relaunch the Fan Fest section into the Club.

From your unique Club profile you'll be able to receive and send mail, communicate with friends, check on your game scores, view all your recent comments and, of course, read the latest football news, which you can personalise.

As any footballer will tell you: the more you put in, the more you get out. At, we've taken this message to heart and created a personal Activity Meter.

From now on, all the trivia challenges you take, comments you post and games you play will contribute to your personal Activity Meter. Sustain a 100 per cent rank over a long enough period and you could be in line to win exclusive prizes.

We will be adding new features over the next few months, so don't forget to log-in regularly!