Do you know who committed the foul that gave the Netherlands their first-minute penalty in the 1974 FIFA World Cup™ Final? Can you tell us who captained Italy's FIFA World Cup-winning side of 1982? Can you name the winner of the third-place play-off in 1986? Who was the only team to exit the 1978 tournament without losing a game? Can you name first African team to win a game at a FIFA World Cup?

If so, then the FIFA World Football Trivia quiz is for you! In company with users the world over, test your knowledge of the world's most popular football tournament, in a variety of categories suited to your particular areas of expertise.

The quiz features three levels of difficulty, and an inexhaustible bank of questions covering the whole 78-year history of world football's ultimate event, right up to the qualifying competition for South Africa 2010. It's the perfect way to either show off your detailed knowledge - or get to know more about the greatest football show on earth.

Do you know more about the fortunes of England at the tournament than the rest? There is a category for you! Or is Africa your stomping ground? Well, we've got you covered too.

Make footballing friends
And it's more than just a quiz: you can test your own knowledge, against the computer and the clock, but you can also compete against users from other countries, and strike up friendships with fellow football fanatics from all around the globe. A tightly-contested ten-question quiz can lead to a lively discussion on the major football events of the day, the differences and similarities in football cultures across the world, and topics beyond the game. Chat, exchange email addresses, make lifelong football friends!

On your personalized FIFA World Football Trivia page, you can discover your daily score, weekly score, and where you stand in relation to competitors worldwide. "It's fantastic," writes user Sindelar, from Australia. "I've finally found people who are as obsessed with the World Cup as I am! There's always something to talk about, and I learn something new from the other guys every day."

It's just another reason to join the club. If you've ever felt the need to let the world know that it was Rob Rensenbrink who scored the 1000th FIFA World Cup goal, or that Gustavo Monzon was the first player ever sent off in a FIFA World Cup final, you need to give FIFA World Football Trivia a try.  Simply, click on the link on the right to begin.