Ever wonder who the person is on the other side of that avatar? Where are they from and what do they do? Every few weeks, we select a member of the Club community for an interview in our ongoing member spotlight series.

Username: JozyN2010
Hometown: San Angelo, Texas
Claim to Club fame: One of our Olympic Football Quiz winners
Favourite football quote: “Country before club” is a quote I’ve always liked. Of course I have to remind my Manchester United friends about that one quite often.

My favourite footballer is... Without a doubt it’s Clint Dempsey. Deuce was the original reason I became a Fulham supporter, however I completely fell in love with the club shortly after. It’s almost mesmerizing watching Clint on the ball…you know that at any moment he could change the match, almost single-handedly. He truly does it all, passes into space, delivery, finishing, creativity and, perhaps most importantly, he scores goals. I am totally and completely gutted to see him leave Fulham, but as we all know, that’s football and now we must press forward without him.

FIFA.com: How do you feel about being one of the Olympic Football Quiz winners?
JozyN2010: Right now I'm still speechless. I saw the e-mail and instantly knew something special just happened. I don't think I've stopped grinning since I opened the e-mail.

What do you think separated you from the rest of the challengers?
Well I knew that I needed a full 17 correct quiz answers to even have a chance of winning. I made it a point everyday to answer the quiz question. One day though I actually forgot until very late on, but I still got my answer in and the rest is history.

What three words would you use to describe this competition?
Endurance, dedication and determination. You had to remember to play each and every day to have a chance of winning any prize. It was always going to take a perfect score and even then I didn't think it'd be enough!

What are you going to do with your prize?
I can't wait to have my signed Argentina Lionel Messi jersey framed on my wall for all my friends to see. Everyone knows how big of a football fan I am, and this is an incredible prize.

What did you enjoy most about this type of FIFA contest?
It was a really fun contest to be a part of, even though I thought it was always a long shot to actually win. You always knew that if you could answer the full 17 questions correctly that you’d be in with a shout. Lucky for me, my shout was heard over everyone else!

Have you participated in many FIFA games or contests?
Very much so, from the FIFA Interactive World Cup to FIFA Predictor and FIFA quizzes. I even played the World Cup fantasy game. I really love my fantasy football, and I’ve got the credentials to back it up!

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