"Football is in my blood," says Round 33 winner of FIFA Match Predictor NIJAHIR. The university student only started playing our popular prediction game in Round 32 and surprised everyone, including himself, when he went on to win Round 33!

The Colombian is a good example of why it’s never too late to join FIFA Match Predictor and win prizes. We spoke to the University of Cordoba student about his surprise victory.

FIFA.com: You started playing Predictor in Round 32, one week later and you won the round! Did you expect to be so successful so quickly?
I didn't expect to become a weekly winner so soon, but I was convinced that it was going to be a great round for me.

Did you follow the weekend's results closely to see how you were doing?
Yeah, I followed them one by one and realized that I was doing fine. Thank God I won this round! It was decided, by the way, in the very last game.

You backed Real Madrid to beat Barcelona at the Camp Nou. How did you arrive at this decision?
I always thought that Real Madrid would play a good game. I am a Real Madrid fan, so that also influenced my decision and I’m a fan of the tactics used by Mourinho every time he faces Barcelona.

You took a risk with your Joker prediction and backed the Vancouver Whitecaps to beat FC Dallas 1-0. The gamble paid off, giving you more points than runner-up goreteggb even though he scored on more predictions than you did. How did you choose your joker?
I used it in this game because both teams had a similar amount of points... that's when I decided on a 1-0 result for the home team.

It's not too late to get involved! We still have four rounds to go, that means four weekly prizes still up for grabs. Sign up for FIFA Match Predictor.