“The amount of love and support I received throughout this whole contest, from being announced as a finalist to the voting phase, was amazing and I couldn’t have asked for more,” says ChrisBB, the winner of our I Need a Kia contest and soon-to-be owner of a brand new Kia Sportage.

“To see how everyone came together and helped out and wrote me some beautiful messages and asked how they could also help out in their communities really warmed my heart and showed me that this was a fantastic contest from FIFA and Kia...the voting phase turned to be a cause within a cause. It was simply amazing,” the Colombian winner said.

ChrisBB's personal story won the FIFA.com community over, amassing over twice as many votes as contest runner-up Crismaricá from Brazil. FIFA.com interviewed ChrisBB shortly after he was told that he would be receiving a brand new Kia Sportage!

FIFA.com: How does it feel to have just found out you have won a Kia Sportage!
Well first and foremost I want to thank God for this amazing win. Also a big 'thank you' to my family, my friends, the fantastic and supportive community of FIFA.com and everyone who helped me out. When I first read the email I didn’t know what to think. I kept reading it over and over again just to make sure I was reading it correctly and it wasn’t just my mind playing games with me. But to answer your question, I feel extremely grateful and excited. Since I was a little boy I was taught to always give without expecting something in return and I realised how gratifying it feels to give to other people...this contest was something extremely nice.

Why do you think so many people voted for your particular story?
Early on in the contest a Club member told me that I wasn’t the one competing in this competition, that in fact it was the entire country of Colombia and their hearts that were competing. I was stunned and moved by his message. He told me that my story was moving because it wasn’t just about me trying to help out one specific football team but because I was trying to actually help out the entire community. That’s why I think so many people voted for me. I’m not tied down to a specific group or team. I help out everyone.

Can you talk us through your experience as a finalist, from making the shortlist to sweating through the voting phase?
You mean the countless sleepless nights where I tossed and turned wondering what was happening? Of course! [laughing] I’m just kidding. It’s been an emotional roller coaster. I sent in my story without thinking much of it. I prayed and asked God that someone who deserved this amazing prize be the one to make it to the finals…

It wasn’t until I received your email stating that I had been chosen as a finalist that the thought that I could win struck me. I didn’t know if I was allowed to say anything until you guys made it official so I just kept those amazing words 'You are a finalist!’ to myself. Once you had posted the six finalists' stories I read all of them and thought to myself ‘whoa, this contest is amazing.’ I discussed this with family members as well as Club members and we all agreed that FIFA and Kia thought with theirs hearts for this contest. Each contestant’s heart was written into their story for us to read… it was moving to say the least.

The blind voting phase, as I liked to call it, was one of the hardest things in this contest. We (the finalists) had absolutely no idea who was in the lead, who was runner up, etc. In my heart I knew that I was doing well because of the amount of messages I kept on receiving, it was unbelievable.

You posted a few comments during the contest, thanking people for their support. Did you receive a lot of private messages from Club members?
Oh yes! Boy was I surprised. I received over 600 notification emails telling me that I had received a Club message…I had to untick the notification box because my mailbox was beginning to lag. I kept receiving so many messages in my FIFA.com club member inbox that I had to delete old messages in order for new ones to show up!

Would you like to say a few words in closing to all the fans that voted for you?
I really want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all their support and amazing messages. You have gone above and beyond for me and I won’t forget that nor even take it lightly. You have my support and admiration forever. Thank you so, so much and God bless each and every one of you. Take care and remember, together we CAN change the world, one football at a time.