It’s Thursday and for FIFA Match Predictors that means two things: Getting your weekly predictions in before our midnight deadline and, of course, a quick interview with one of our recent weekly winners!

Our FIFA Match Predictor Round 27 winner is a journalism student from the city of Vacaria in Brazil. Not only did mateus2906 win Round 27, the Brazilian also managed to record a perfect round (predicting all ten matches and playing his joker correctly). We spoke to the Sport Club Internacional supporter shortly after his win. Congratulations on your perfect score in Round 27! How did it happen?
It was the irony of fate. I have an average of 3 to 5 correct results [per round]. I was caught by surprise by this last result with this 100 per cent success rate. It will be difficult for this to happen again.

Can you tell your fellow predictors what it takes to get a perfect score?
I advise you to follow your instincts. Even if I don’t know the clubs, I will look for some sympathy for them depending on their name, without bothering with stats.

Is their a system you use to making your predictions?
I always try to divide the ten games this way: more wins to the home teams, two or three draws, and the rest would be some wins for the visiting teams, which is too risky, and tougher to guess.

It was a very exciting round, with matches like the one between Perez Zeledon and Cartagines being decided in injury time. Did you study the matches carefully?
There are a lot of teams that that I bet on that I don’t even know! But I must say that I love football and this love is infinite!

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