It’s Thursday and for FIFA Match Predictors that means two things: Getting your predictions in before the midnight deadline and, of course, our weekly interview with one of our recent round winners!

Club member stcampb was completely surprised by his victory in Round 25 of FIFA Match Predictor. The Englishman had been absent from the game for several weeks and Round 25 marked his return to the weekly prediction game. We spoke to the Derby County fan after his surprise return. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
stcampb: I run online training courses for a training company. I support my local team Derby County who are in the English Championship at moment and I really enjoy watching teams who play good attacking football.

Which team has impressed you the most this season?
Manchester City in England, Kun Aguero is amazing! Fiorentina in the Champions league have been great and Dortmund… there are so many teams that I like to watch.

You returned to Predictor in Round 25 after a seven-week absence. What made you come back?
I got married on the 4th of February. We were really busy leading up to the wedding... My wife and I were fortunate to go over to Arizona for our honeymoon for a few weeks. While we were travelling back I was catching up with all the football news from around the world. I was amazed at how much I had missed, so I was really eager to get back and up to date.

Did you think that you would win a prize on your first week back after your long break?
It never entered my mind. I thought I was too out of touch.

What do you think the key was to your win in Round 25?
Top players performing.

Can you talk us through your Round 25 experience?
I was looking carefully at how the players that had been at the Africa Cup of Nations were going to affect teams after a few weeks back. I looked at the Cup games coming up and assessed the International players who I thought would want to perform. I also looked at how teams who hadn’t lost players during this time were doing.

Did you follow the matches live? Was there a point during the round where you thought you could win?
I followed as much as I could. When Arsenal came storming back I checked the other results and thought I had done ok.

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