It’s Thursday and for FIFA Match Predictors that means two things: Getting your predictions in before the midnight deadline and, of course, our weekly interview with one of our recent round winners!

Our most recent FIFA Match Predictor weekly winner is a software developer from the city of Valledupar in Colombia. We spoke to ‘JOSEDAVIDMH’ and discussed his Round 24 victory, his tips for predicting and what keeps him coming back! Round 24 was really close. You won by just 40 points. Can you talk us through the round?
From the very start of the round I was already fighting near the top because I got my Joker right, but I wasn't able to take the first spot in the standings. With four games to go, I was in first place. Next, I followed the Hannover 96-VfB Stuttgart match live. I saw Hannover winning, as I predicted, so I realized that I could win it. The last three matches of the round were really exciting because San Lorenzo-Estudiantes got a draw and I had predicted a victory for San Lorenzo, so I dropped to fourth place. Then I was watching Barcelona-Valencia, where I predicted a draw, but Barcelona won 5-1! My hopes were pinned on the PSG-Montpellier game and I followed the action online. If they got a draw, I could win it... and that's what happened! It was very tense, but at the end, very cool for me since I always dreamed of winning a round of the Predictor.

You have scored 1,291 points in the last three rounds. That’s an average of roughly 430 points per round! What is your secret for such high weekly scores recently?
In the early rounds I've been focused on my work and didn't have a clear idea about the international level of each team. The first months of 2012, however, my work has been quiet so I've had enough time to follow the international leagues for updates.

Any advice for your fellow predictors?
To predict things accurately, you need to combine knowledge, good luck and a bit of intuition. You should also pay attention to who's playing home and away, usually teams are stronger at home even if they are not doing well lately. I also check the stats to see the standings of the teams, among other factors.

Do you any favourite football teams?
Usually I follow the Colombian teams, especially when they play international tournaments. I also support teams and leagues wherever our Colombian players are. My main team is Atletico Nacional. From other countries, I like Chelsea and Arsenal in England, Juventus in Italy and Atletico Madrid in Spain, I like them in even more now that Falcao is playing there!

You've been a member of the Club for more than three years, how would you describe Club for newcomers?
It’s a place where we can entertain ourselves with a lot of surprises brought to us by every day. It’s a big family where we can share our different points of view and opinion.

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