Every week we sit down with one of our recent round winners of FIFA Match Predictor and ask them a few short questions about football, winning and playing our popular Predictor game. Today, we turn our focus to Malaysia for an interview with Round 20 winner azadferio.

Club member azadferio says he was “delighted, happy, and surprised” after discovering that he had won Round 20 of FIFA Match Predictor. The 38 year old from Malaysia has been trying to claim a weekly prize since the very first round of Season 5.

20 rounds later azadferio’s persistence finally paid off and he will receive a national football team jersey customized with his choice of name and number for his superb effort. We chatted briefly to our Round 20 winner.

FIFA.com: So azadferio, do you have a specific prediction strategy?
Mainly I consider home and away goals, rankings and league table standings.

What's your favourite football league?
La Liga for sure.

And favourite club team?
Real Madrid for sure. I'm a Madridista!

If you could offer new predictors just one piece of advice, what would it be?
Most of all, be patient!

Do you have what it takes to win a weekly round of FIFA Match Predictor? There are 17 rounds left for this season. That means 17 weekly prizes still up for grabs. We also have prizes for the top 25 overall, private league winners and continental champions.
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