Is transport an issue for your team or football friends? Do you want to use the power of football to help your local community but don’t have the means to do so?

The Club is offering all Club members a chance to change their football journey forever in our new I Need a Kia contest. Whether you’re a coach, a parent or a volunteer, all you have to do is tell us ‘why’ and ‘how’, in 400 words or less, a Kia Sportage would make a difference to your life in a football related way and you could win a brand new Kia Sportage!

Enter the I Need a Kia contest now!

Your personal story

The aim of this contest is to make a meaningful impact on a group or community by giving them an incredible resource – a Kia Sportage! We are only interested in honest and compelling stories from our Club members. The more convincing and creative your submission, the better your chance of winning the Grand Prize!

Submitting your personal ‘Why I Need a Kia’ story and related photos is only part of the fun! There are three phases to our contest. Sending us your story, deciding on the shortlist and finally, voting!

Phase 1: Writing an awesome entry
Take your time and write the best ‘I Need a Kia’ entry you can before the deadline (15:00 CET on 24 February). Your submission should be no longer than 400 words. Next, you must attach three awesome photos to support your equally awesome story! Only submissions that include three personal photographs will be eligible for the prize. You can submit your story and photos on the I Need a Kia contest page.

Phase 2: The shortlist
You will have until 15:00 (CET) on 24 February to send us your story. Once submissions are closed, a panel of international editors from will spend two weeks reading all the submissions, across six languages, and shortlisting a handful of candidates. The shortlist will be published by 12 March.

Phase 3: Voting!
Once the shortlist is published on, the winner will be decided by the Club community! That’s right, once the shortlist is published, every club member will have one week to vote for his or her favourite entry. Our club members will decide which lucky winner will drive away in a brand-new Kia Sportage!

Good luck to all our participants. We look forward to reading your submissions!

*Actual model year and colour of the Grand Prize for the 'I Need a Kia' contest may differ to the image shown above.