“I am member of Nacional, a fan of Independiente in Argentina and of Athletic Bilbao in Spain. I follow these three clubs constantly and they have a lot in common,” says melola, an analyst programmer from Montevideo.

melola’s knowledge of football leagues from all over the world helped him win Round 15 of FIFA Match Predictor despite the intense amount of competition at the top. We spoke to the Uruguayan shortly after his win.

FIFA.com: 15 predictors finished with 478 points at the top of the Round 15 leaderboard. How did you feel when you realized you had won the tiebreaker thanks to your higher overall score?
Honestly, I was surprised I hit all the predictions. I was close before, but this time I accomplished it!

What are your thoughts on the latest season of FIFA Match Predictor?
The fact that you can now predict international fixtures makes the game more continuous, which is a positive thing. In the past, because of the international breaks I would sometimes forget to make my predictions.

The Vasco da Gama-Flamengo match was a high-stakes game with the Brazilian championship on the line. What made you decide to play your joker on the match and predict a 1-1 draw?
Vasco was playing the Copa Sudamericana and at the same time fighting for the championship, something that is always complicated. Flamengo is a big club and a draw seemed like the wiser option. I thought a 1-1 result was feasible because you don’t see that many 0-0 results in Brazil.

Which FIFA Match Predictor scenario would you prefer: To finish the season at the top of the Uruguayan league or to finish in the overall Top 20?
Depends on the prizes! Ha Ha! Being serious now, it is too early… Let’s wait and see how far I can get. It is still a long way to go.

The Grand Prize for FIFA Match Predictor is a trip for two to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™! We also have prizes for the best weekly predictors, regional winners, private league winners and top 25 overall. Follow the Club on Twitter for even more chances to win prizes!