The contest is now closed. The correct answers to today's Club Twitter Contest were:

 a) In which stadium was the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011 Final held?

Yokohama International Stadium

b) Who refereed the match? 


c) Who scored the first goal? 

Lionel MESSI

Thank you for playing! 


Welcome to our December Twitter Contest. Today, we are giving away a Manchester United jersey signed by several players from the 2008 squad that won the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2008!

All you have to do is answer the following three questions about yesterday’s incredible FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2011 Final!

Please submit your three answers as a single tweet to @fifacomclub on Twitter.
Here is an example to help you:

“Hey @fifacomclub. My answers are a) xxx b) xxx c) xxx. Thx for the contest!”

Be fast but be accurate! Only the first 100 followers to answer all three questions correctly will be entered into the prize draw!