It’s Thursday and for FIFA Match Predictors that means two things: Getting your predictions in before the midnight deadline and, of course, our weekly interview with one of our recent round winners!

As an avid football fan, BAMBORAMBO has travelled extensively to watch football matches. His passion for football has taken him to countries like Italy, France, England, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. “Each league has its peculiarities,” says the Tunisian. “The league games in all countries around the world change and vary depending on the country, traditions, customs, social environment, climate and geography. All these factors play a role in the outcome of a match.”

Round 7 provided fans with the first tie-breaker of the season. BAMBORAMBO finished in joint first-place with Qatar's bluesky005. Both predictors had strong overall scores but the Tunisian’s overall score was slightly better thereby giving him the tie-breaker. We spoke to BAMBORAMBO after his Round 7 win. Round 7 was very close. How do you feel about your win?
This victory in the weekly round gives me great pleasure. It will be a good memory, I will do my best to climb as high as possible and to maintain my position among the best predictors on the planet.

Have you participated in previous seasons of our Predictor game?
This is my second season. Last season I was not lucky. The current season, which is just beginning, seems to bring me a glimmer of success. I would say, good for me. I congratulate nevertheless, the tipster of Qatar. We finished in first place. I wish him good luck!

How did you come up with the name BAMBORAMBO?
The first five letters BAMBO ... is the title of an old song sung and danced to the rhythm of the cha cha ... RAMBO is the name of the American film.

Would you like to share a message with the Predictor community?
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express myself. I am very happy. Given my age, 64 years, I keep a cool head, and think of all my competitors in the world, not to mention, those who watch regularly, efficiently and carefully in this game and all games set up by FIFA ...a thousand bravos!"

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