It’s Thursday and for FIFA Match Predictors that means two things: Getting your predictions in before the midnight deadline and, of course, our weekly interview with one of our recent round winners! 

“I’ve played football since I was a little boy, I love it,” says FIFA Match Predictor Round 6 winner urutahy. The Uruguayan has made the beautiful game a daily part of his professional life. As a journalist for his town radio station, urutahy conducts a football program and also provides match commentary. “I'm a fanatic of this beautiful game,” he says.

In Round 6, urutahy lodged the first perfect score of the season, predicting all 10 fixtures correctly while also snatching up the 100 bonus points for a correct score-line prediction. We spoke to him shortly after his significant achievement. First of all, congratulations on recording the first perfect score of the season. 10 out of 10 predictions and bonus points! How did you do it?
Many thanks! To be honest, I NEVER imagined having a perfect score. When I saw the announcement on Twitter, I asked myself the same question. But, with a combination of luck and analysis, I somehow hit every game in week 6.

You scored only 38 points in Round 5, then came back to win Round 6 with 623 points. How did you turn your fortune around so dramatically? Did you change your strategy at all?
Scoring 38 points was the reason for me changing my strategy. In Round 5 I made my predictions without paying much attention. But next time I thought every prediction through. I don’t deny I had a lot of luck and I don’t think it will happen again. However, what I am certain of is that I will prepare myself to do better each day.

Have you played previous seasons of FIFA Predictor? What do you think of this new season compared to previous editions?
Yes, I begun to play last year and I got interested. It’s fun. But this new season is much better than the previous one; it is more dynamic and interactive. I really like it!

What advice do you have for newcomers to FIFA Match Predictor?
Well, one piece of advice that I can offer is, in this game, don’t beat yourself up about a bad result. I could not believe it when I scored 38 points in Round 5. I was asking myself why, but I studied a bit more and analyzed each match. I think success depends on that… on making a bigger effort … Who knows, I might score 50 points in the next round or 600. It will all depend on how much effort I put in to accomplishing my goal.

Are you enjoying the addition of international fixtures to the weekly Predictor menu?
I am enjoying it very much. It’s a great idea to have those fixtures in the menu. It provides more excitement.

Would you like to send a message to the players at the top of the overall leaderboard?
I can only congratulate them for being up there. I know they have really made a big effort to be in the position they are in. I hope to be up there someday. I might be going in the right direction but, no matter what happens, it’s a pleasure to be a part of this competitive spirit.

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