It’s Thursday and for FIFA Match Predictors that means two things: Getting your predictions in before the midnight deadline and, of course, our weekly interview with one of our recent round winners!

Peru's finger10 put in a sensational performance to post the highest weekly score of the opening five rounds. We spoke to the Round 5 winner shortly after his win. To start, would you like to tell our users a little about yourself?
I live in the beautiful city of Trujillo, where we are currently celebrating the Spring Party. I like things like programming, information technology and math. I am a fan of Alianza Lima, the most important club of Peru. In Spain, I am a Real Madrid fan.

If you had to describe your prediction style in terms of a player or team, who would it be and why?
I'd be Mourinho's Madrid! I am very cold at the time of make my predictions, but I also use a bit of my heart.

You have averaged 297 points in the first five rounds. What’s your secret to scoring so consistently?
I investigate the recent results of the teams...I also check their home and away form. I've been successful twice with the jokers so I've been very lucky as well, because predicting the correct score is the most difficult part.

Has playing Predictor influenced how much football you watch and which leagues you follow?
Yeah, I've been trying to search a bit more. Some leagues like the Brazilian one are very competitive. I've been trying to learn and understand the different derbies they have, like the Paulistas, Cariocas and so on.

Apart from winning, what was your highlight of Round 5?
The fact that I climbed over 4,000 positions and the fact that I broke into the top 100! That makes me very confident. I think I can win the Grand Prize [a trip for two to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™]. I hope my country qualifies. To have the chance to see them playing in a World Cup... something that hasn't happened since 1982...that would be special.

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