It’s Thursday and for Club members playing FIFA Match Predictor that means two things: Getting your predictions in before the midnight deadline and, of course, our weekly interview with one of our recent round winners!

Today we talk to Round 3 winner Strika_1960 who hails from the small Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda. Strika, I’m sure our users are keen on hearing a little more about where you are from and what you do for a living?

Strika_1960: Antigua and Barbuda are two small islands in the Caribbean, which together make up the twin island state of "Antigua and Barbuda". Our main money earner is tourism, as you might expect because we have many lovely white-sand beaches and nice hotels. I work as an engineer for a telecoms company.

Is football popular in Antigua and Barbuda?
Yes. We have a three-division league, headed by a ten-team premier division. 2014 FIFA World Cup™ qualifiers have already started; Antigua and Barbuda has started with two impressive wins in Group F of CONCACAF. If we win our group to qualify for the next round, we will be grouped with CONCACAF powerhouses Jamaica and the USA. That will be really tough!

On to Predictor, how do you feel about winning Round 3?
“Excited and honoured...and lucky!”

Are you finding this season of Predictor tougher than previous seasons?
This is my first "serious" season. I find it tough because the matches are from such a wide variety of world leagues.

In Round 3, you played your joker successfully on the Everton 2-2 Aston Villa result in. What factors went into making this choice?
I try to follow the English and European leagues. Early season form and results suggested to me that a fairly high-scoring draw was highly possible.

What advice would you give to predictors looking to score points with their joker?

Try to follow the leagues via the Internet or on TV. Use the joker on the more clear-cut results but keep it realistic.

And finally, which matches are you most excited for this season?
The Manchester derbies in the English Premiership and Barcelona-Real Madrid in La Liga.

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