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Username: RONA111
Claim to Club fame: Winner of the World Cup Flashback Quiz
Favourite football quote: "The rules of soccer are very simple, basically it is this: if it moves, kick it. If it doesn't move, kick it until it does.” - Phil Woosnam
If I could meet any footballer it would be… Mia Hamm, I think she did wonders for US women’s soccer and helped bring new fans to the game. She was a great player and a great role model.

Earlier this year, The Club held a month-long trivia contest focused on the 2010 FIFA World Cup™. From 17 January-15 February we posted a daily quiz question on our Club Twitter account. Every correct daily answer earned participants one entry into the grand prize draw. Over 407,000 people entered the quiz in the hopes of claiming the grand prize - a brand new Kia Soul. FIFA.com spoke to the lucky winner.

Hi RONA111, would you like to tell our Club members a little about yourself?
I am a 41-year-old mother of seven wonderful children. I have four boys and three girls... I am married to my fun and loving husband, Ray. I live in the USA and I enjoy spending time with my family and following sports.

And how is life with your new Kia Soul?
Life with my beautiful cherry-red Kia has been awesome! We just love it. It drives great, looks great, and has some really cool features. My favourite is the hands-free system that allows me to talk on the phone over the radio. I still feel like I am living a fairy tale each time I walk up to it to drive somewhere.

From thousands of players, less than 300 people correctly answered 21 or more of the 30 questions. You were one of them. What was your secret to success?
Persistence and consistency. It was important to answer the trivia question every day. More importantly, it was vital to check my answers through research. I always triple checked my answers and didn’t submit my entry until I was fairly sure that it was correct!

What prompted you to join the quiz?
I love the sport and I love trivia games and puzzles. I figured this was the perfect contest for me. It was fun to participate. I looked forward to the challenge of answering each new question.

Did you have a routine for the 30-day quiz?
I am a very busy mom, so I had to make sure to fit some time into my schedule each day. I used my free time to enter the quiz instead of watching TV or reading a magazine. It was actually super fun. What a bonus that I was the lucky one in the end! I hope many other FIFA Club members get to experience winning a contest like I did. I wish all of them the best of luck.

After the winner’s announcement, was it life as usual in Edwardsville?
My story was featured in a couple of the local newspapers around here. Some of the people that I know did see the story and called to offer their congratulations...I did have one stranger stop me when I was out shopping and ask me about the win!

Are you the main soccer lover in your family?
My entire family loves soccer. It is not televised as much as we would like in the USA, but we always tune in for the big events, especially the World Cup and the Olympics. Our family mainly follows the MLS and the USA national team. Being from Illinois, we are fans of the Chicago Fire. We also support the local teams here in Edwardsville.

Do any of your kids play soccer?
I have three kids that play soccer. They really enjoy learning about the game. It’s neat to see them develop as players and improve each year. I also have three little ones that will likely be following in their footsteps.

Apart from winning the Grand Prize, what did you enjoy most about the quiz?
I really enjoyed the challenge of answering each and every question. It truly was a way to experience the World Cup all over again, but in a new way. I did, of course, love winning the Kia at the end. However, during the quiz, I was just focused on the challenge of answering the current day’s question. I really missed the quiz after it was over!

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