It’s Thursday and that means it’s time for a FIFA Match Predictor interview! Every Thursday, we ask a weekly winner of FIFA Match Predictor a few questions. Today, Round 1 winner mjbsmo from Brazil answers our call. How did it feel to win Round 1 by just three points! Do you think all the rounds this season will be that close?
mjbsmo: It’s a very unique feeling to win a round of FIFA Match Predictor. Even more so by just three points! I believe that with the large number of participants this season that every round will be even tougher. But a lot is going to depend on the luck and skill of each predictor.

Which result from Round 1 were you the most surprised by?

The most surprising result for me was the Palmeiras win (Palmeiras 2-1 Corinthians). It was a classic derby against their biggest rival who was also leading the championship at that point.

Do you have a specific method when it comes to making your predictions?
Usually, I like to bet on the home team, but this depends on the current form of the two sides and, of course, their ranking. I can also land up backing a visiting team based on these factors.

Round 3 of FIFA Match Predictor takes place this weekend. Make your predictions before 23:59 GMT on Thursday 8 September!