Out with the old and in with the new! Welcome to Season 5 of FIFA Match Predictor (previously known as FIFA World Leagues Predictor). Registration for FIFA Match Predictor is now open! Sign up for FIFA Match Predictor and get your predictions in before the Round 1 deadline (Thursday 23:59 GMT on 25 August).

Big changes
Why the new name? Well, it’s because we’ve changed the format of the predictor game slightly. Instead of pausing the game for international matchdays we have decided to include international fixtures as part of the weekly FIFA Match Predictor menu. For example, when European leagues pause in early September for some UEFA EURO 2012 qualification games, predictors will be able to carry on playing (and scoring points) by predicting from a 10-match menu of international fixtures.
With the new format, comes a change to the weekly deadline, so be sure to pay attention. The weekly deadline for FIFA Match Predictor is midnight on Thursdays GMT as opposed to midnight on Fridays GMT (last season’s deadline).

Our Predictor game has become more competitive than ever before. In fact, 11 of the 35 rounds in Season 4 ended in ties at the top of the weekly table! To celebrate the spectacular increase in the level of competitiveness, we have decided to increase the amount of prizes on offer! Find out more about the FIFA Match Predictor prizes.

First place: Are you ready to predict your way to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™? Finish first overall and you will receive a trip for two to the global showpiece.

Prizes for Top 25: The predictors who finish between 2nd and 25th position overall will each receive a special prize. We can’t announce what the prize is until later this year, but we think you will be very happy with it!

Weekly winners: In keeping with tradition, every round winner will receive an awesome football jersey.

Zone of champions: The top overall predictor for each of the six confederations will claim a prize. Again, we are not able to announce what this special prize is yet. Just take our word for it!

Private League Reward: We will also be giving a few prizes to the No1. ranked Private League at the close of Season 5. (Private league prizes will be announced later this year).

Sign up for FIFA Match Predictor now! We have a long and exciting season ahead! We hope you enjoy it.