Ever wonder who the person is on the other side of that avatar? Where are they from and what do they do? Every month, we select a member of the FIFA.com Club community for an interview in our Member Spotlight series.

Username: KAGO22
Claim to Club fame: Winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ Dream Team Game.
Favourite football quote: “Football does not have a therefore.” (Meaning that the outcome of a football match is not easily determinable no matter how strong or weak one team appears to be.)
If I could be any footballer I would be... Cesc Fabregas, because he plays for my favourite team in Europe: Arsenal. We also share the same birthday!

KAGO22 signed up for the FIFA.com Club in 2007, making him one of the first people to join. We asked the South African what first attracted him to the Club. “I am a football fanatic,” he said. “Any good website that is football-related and can provide me with information on the go is always appreciated, and FIFA.com is by far one of those websites that has captured my imagination.”

While enjoying the latest FIFA World Cup in his home country, the South African entered and won the Dream Team Game. Yingli Green Energy, a proud sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, made the competition possible. After being randomly selected from the thousands of complete entries, KAGO22 was astonished to discover that he had won a seven-day trip to China PR courtesy of Yingli Green Energy. Yingli Green Energy named the trip 'The Journey of Chasing the Sun' due to the energy education aspect of the itinerary.

The experience of climbing The Great Wall of China was second to none. 

Dream Team Game winner 'KAGO22'

The Dream Team winner took his best friend along with him on the great adventure east. On their first night in China, the pair of South Africans stayed at the Power Valley Jinjiang International Hotel – a unique five-star hotel constructed from integrated solar products – the first of its kind in the world. “The architectural design is top class,” said KAGO22.

Next, the pair visited the Yingli Solar Manufacturing Base, where they enjoyed an impressive tour of solar production and the solar industry. “The visit was special,” said the winner. “You got to experience the end-to-end production of solar modules. What interested me during the visit was being exposed to the alternative technology.”

The trip was a colourful blend of cultural and modern experiences. After visiting Yingli Solar, the travelling South Africans visited a diverse number of sites including temples, imperial gardens, traditional markets and, of course, the Great Wall of China. “The experience of climbing The Great Wall of China was second to none," KAGO22 said. "It was physically taxing but once completed it was such a wonderful feeling.

“My highlights were also the tasting of the Chinese delicacies and buzz of the sales people at the traditional markets. Language was an issue but the best language used at the markets is the calculator!”

KAGO22 was also able to visit the incredible Beijing National Stadium. The venue hosted a number of the matches at the Men's Olympic Football Tournament at Beijing 2008, including the Argentina-Nigeria final: “Magnificent, it is indeed a bird nest, the stadium is totally unique.”

Fresh back from his Chinese adventure, the South African signed off with a message to the Club community: “Please pray for my two favourite football teams - Arsenal and Mamelodi Sundowns – to, at least, win a trophy this coming season as the drought has been long enough for both of them! But on a serious note, please continue to follow the sport and those of you outside of Brazil, start saving right now so that you can attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil!“