Club-member Adan07 surprised us recently by sending in some spectacular photos of his football collection - the highlight of which is a Kick-Off Ball from the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™. Adan07 included a message with his photographs that we wanted to share with the Club community:

“I’m sending you a few photos of me and my kick-off ball from the Serbia-Ghana match of South Africa 2010. I'm sending you these photos because I wanted to express my love for football. I decided to put all my footballs (well some of them anyway, I have more!) and all my football shirts in the photos. The photos don’t show everything I have but I think the selection reflects my passion! Thanks for everything."

Club-member 'Adan07'

Are you as passionate about football as Adan07? Prove it! Send us your photos and express your love for the beautiful game!