So you think you know everything that there is to know about top football teams and players, and you beat all your friends when it comes to recalling football results and FIFA World Cup™ statistics? But how much do you know about the most important object on the field of play? Now’s your chance to find out in our new Football Quality Quiz.

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From humble beginnings to hi tech
Since the very first FIFA World Cup in 1930, the football has been at the epicentre of all the action and drama of the beautiful game. A little known fact is that two different footballs were used in the first ever FIFA World Cup Final. The only way to resolve a heated pre-match disagreement between finalists’ Argentina and Uruguay was to make a unique compromise - the finalists agreed to use their respective football of choice for one half of the match.

The modern game has evolved at an incredible pace and is now faster, more skilful and more pressurised than ever before. Since those humble origins, the ball has evolved with it. But how is a world-class football tested and how do we make sure that it’s of the highest standard? That’s where the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs comes in.

Every ball that features at an official FIFA tournament, a FIFA-organised international or a competition organised by a member association undergoes a rigorous testing process. From outdoor to futsal and from grass to beach, the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs ensures that teams participating at the highest level are playing with the best footballs out there.

So how do I play this new quiz?

We have created an 11-question quiz aimed to test you on all aspects of the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs. The Football Quality Quiz will kick off on the day of the opening match for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011™. The Quiz will run for the duration of the tournament, ending at its final whistle.

Visit the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs section to find the quiz answers. Watch the videos, scroll through the interactive galleries, read the articles and prepare to be tested! 

Do your homework before submitting your answers; you will need to answer all 11 quiz questions correctly in order to be eligible for entry into our Grand Prize Draw.

What can I win?

We are giving away six official balls from the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in our Grand Prize Draw. The Draw will take place shortly after the final whistle at Germany 2011. Each ball will be signed by a national team captain from one of the top six teams listed in the current FIFA/Coca-Cola Women’s World Ranking.

Our Football Quality Quiz will teach and test football fans on the FIFA Quality Concept for Footballs, be sure to get involved and test your football knowledge in a new and unique way.

Play the Football Quality Quiz now!